• Hefei-Fuzhou High-speed Railway

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           Hefei-Fuzhou High-speed Railway is a high-capacity passenger transport channel connecting Anhui to the coastal areas of Fujian. It connects Hefei hub from the north, passes the Hefei-Bengbu Passenger Dedicated Line, connects the Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway to Beijing, connects the Huhanrong Express Passenger Railway, and the Shanghai-Kunming High-speed Railway, Pujian Longmei Railway and Nansanlong Railway, and connects to Fuzhou hub in the south. It is another two-track electrified high-speed railway after the Beijing-Tianjin, Wuhan-Guangzhou and Zhengzhou-Xi’an high-speed railways. It is an important part of China's "Medium and Long-term Railway Network Planning", a major national transportation project, and is famed as China's "most beautiful high-speed rail".