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KAD Intelligent Traction Power Supply System

Product Application

Based on "Internet +" technology, KAD3000 intelligent traction power supply system applies modern advanced measurement, sensing, control, communication, information, artificial intelligence and other technologies to integrate various intelligent power supply facilities and monitoring systems (Integrated substation and distribution automation systems, power environment monitoring systems, lighting control systems, fire alarm systems, security and access control systems, video monitoring systems, online monitoring systems, etc.) into a unified intelligent monitoring Internet of Things platform; it also builds an intelligent power supply operation and maintenance management system to realize optimal scheduling and intelligent adjustment of the operation and maintenance for power supply equipment. 

Product features

Based on the requirements of information digitization, communication platform networking, and information sharing standardization, KAD Intelligent Traction Power Supply System automatically completes the basic functions of information collection, measurement, control, protection, counting and monitoring. It can also provide advanced functions such as real-time automatic control of the power supply network, intelligent adjustment, online analysis and decision-making, and collaborative interaction as needed. 
It collects and shares the basic data of intelligent power supply equipment along the traction station, sub-station, AT station and contact network, and realizes the functions of wide-area protection with power supply arm as the unit, switch layered blocking and other functions through the wide-area measurement and control protection system.
With real-time monitoring and abnormal alarming of the operation status of intelligent power supply equipment along the line, KAD Intelligent Traction Power Supply System can realize the functions of remote signaling, remote measurement, remote control, and remote viewing of the controlled object and communication with the operation system. 
According to the various detection and monitoring data of the operation and maintenance of the traction power supply system, KAD Intelligent Traction Power Supply System realizes the functions of business management, data management and decision-making command related to the operation and maintenance of the power supply system. With online real-time analysis and reasoning of the operating status of power supply facilities, it provides automatic report of abnormalities in power supply facilities, and suggestions for troubleshooting. 
With image intelligent analysis and processing as the core, it realizes auxiliary monitoring functions such as video monitoring, environmental monitoring, security protection, online monitoring; at the same time, it realizes linkage and data sharing functions with power monitoring. 
It provides user management, role management, IOT equipment management, asset equipment management, patrol inspection management, operation and maintenance management, video management, APP application management, emergency command and other functions, it collects and processes all kinds of data, and realizes comprehensive data searching and display. It realizes the functions of failure prediction, health assessment, reliability and risk assessment and maintenance decision-making of the traction power supply system and its crucial equipment.