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Stray current monitoring and protection system

Product Application

The KZS rail transit stray current monitoring and protection system (also known as the anti-stray current monitoring and protection system) is provided by Shenzhen Keanda Electronic Technology Corp., Ltd. with reference of the characteristics of the rail transit industry and experience in rail transit stray current monitoring and protection at home and abroad. A set of reliable and comprehensive rail transit stray current monitoring and protection solutions are launched. The KZS system is highly reliable, stable and maintenance-free. Meanwhile, in order to consider the various interface needs of the rail transit industry, the KZS system provides a variety of network bus interfaces to meet the USB/RS232/RS485/CAN/Ethernet port/433MHz communication mode and is easy to expand. The KZS system can not only operate and monitor independently, but also integrate with the integrated automation system of the substation, reducing investment and construction work links. 

Product features

The KZS stray current monitoring system can effectively monitor the distribution of stray currents in the area, and perform data storage and effective analysis. By measuring, calculating and displaying the voltage of the rail to the structural steel, the polarization potential of the structural steel, the body potential of the reference electrode, the rail transition resistance, the rail longitudinal resistance and the rail seam resistance and other parameters, it has the voltage, potential and other excessive alarm, equipment self-check alarm, communication failure alarm and other functions, monitoring whether the main structure steel is corroded by stray current.