• High-speed rail cable grounding formed cabinet

    Product Application

    CDG-K818 cable formed drainage cabinet is applicable for the formed cable of existing or newly built stations and relay stations to prevent or avoid abnormal power frequency current, traction current and lightning current’s intrusion into the machine room through the armor layer or aluminum sheath layer of the signal cable, and avoid damage to indoor equipment, heating, and burning of indoor cables. 
    The CDG-K818 cable formed drainage cabinet can be used for the primary formed cable or the secondary formed cable. It falls into two types: station and relay station.

    Product features

    Cable protection: Realize the forming of the cable that enters the room from outside, and use the cable drain box to protect the cable 
    Arc isolation: An arc isolation box is set to prevent a certain cable from damaging other cables due to a spark arc caused by an abnormally strong current. 
    Installation capacity: The cable installation capacity is large and can be flexibly configured.
    Monitoring function: It can monitor the magnitude of lightning current, power frequency current in real time, and can record the number of lightning strikes, the magnitude of lightning current, the direction, the occurrence time and the magnitude, number, duration and occurrence time of the vented traction return current.
    Simple networking: RS485 and RJ45 Ethernet protocol communication is applied, with simple networking, convenient centralized monitoring, remote monitoring, and unmanned monitoring is realized. 
    The human-machine interface: convenient for users to check lightning current, power frequency current data, current data and historical records.
    Simple installation: Frame type layered structure is adopted, easy to disassemble, convenient for construction and future maintenance.