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Network Information Security Products

Product Application

The network security system includes firewalls, industrial audits, centralized management platforms, fortresses, intrusion prevention, database security audits, log audits, vulnerability scans, and other products to fully protect network data. In the event of destruction, modification, or leakage for accidental or malicious reasons, the system will continue to operate reliably and normally to provide network services. It is widely applied to various network environments and information security occasions to meet the requirements of level three protection of information security. 

Product features

Support over 30 types of industrial protocol analysis; preset vulnerability principle base; 
Real-time detection and blocking of various network attacks; 
Bypass monitoring does not affect normal operation; 
WEB graphical interface management system is convenient for on-site deployment; 
Comprehensive management of network security equipment and unified monitoring of network security situation;
Comprehensive audit system, with network audit, operation and maintenance audit, database audit, log audit.