• KAD-GZF integrated lightning protection screen

    Product Application

    Based on the "Supplementary Documents for Secondary Lightning Protection and Network Isolation Renovation in Substations"-Transportation Equipment announcement No. 240 and "Opinions on Optimizing Technical Solutions for the Secondary System of Traction Substations Against Strong Electricity Intrusion"-Transportation equipment announcement No. 325 standard, integrated lightning protection screen is carefully designed and professionally manufactured. In line with lightning protection design specifications, it’s a centralized SPD independent screen cabinet designed to prevent strong electricity intrusion in the secondary system of traction substations.
    The integrated lightning protection screen is installed at the border between the lightning protection LPZO zone and the LPZI zone, and is an important centralized protection for the power supply and signal sending (receiving) of the indoor equipment in the lightning protection of the outdoor equipment. It overcomes the problems of the existing lightning protection equipment: does not meet the lightning protection specifications, the installation is scattered, the maintenance and monitoring are inconvenient, and the operation of the protected equipment is affected by the occurrence of heat and fire caused by aging failure. 

    Product features

    KAD-GZF integrated lightning protection screen is applied to the lightning protection of the secondary system of the traction substation to prevent the intrusion of over-voltage and over-current, and it adopts an independent screen cabinet with centralized installation of SPD.  
    KAD-GZF integrated lightning protection screen adopts professional, high-current safety surge protector, and integrated grounding technology design, so as to minimize the lightning residual voltage, improve the protection effect, and protect the equipment to operate safely and reliably in the long run.  
    KAD-GZF integrated lightning protection screen can be configured according to equipment protection requirements. 
    KAD-GZF integrated lightning protection screen adopts industry standard size, compact and firm; it has independent enclosed space, forming a good electromagnetic compatibility environment. 
    Surge protector is centrally protected, it is convenient for installation, maintenance, monitoring and management. 
    The Kevin wiring method is adopted to improve the surge protection effect and the wiring is simple.  
    High safety 
    The safety type surge protector with the fault type as open circuit is adopted, and the backup protection device is set to improve the safety and protection effect of the product. 
    Type test meets the following standards: GB 4943, GB/T 2423, GB/T 17626, GB/T 17799, GB/T 24338. 
    Intelligent monitoring
    KAD-GZF integrated lightning protection screen has an intelligent lightning monitoring function, it uses graphic visual intelligent monitoring means, and uses the lightning monitoring system to record, store, and display lightning and leakage current data, providing assistance for on-site use and maintenance.