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KAD-GYB Emergency Protection Screen

Product Application

 Based on the "Supplementary Documents for Secondary Lightning Protection and Network Isolation Renovation of Traction Substations"-Transportation Equipment announcement No. 240 and "Opinions on Optimizing Technical Solutions for the Secondary System of Traction Substations Against Strong Electricity Intrusion"-Transportation equipment announcement No. 325 standard, the emergency protection screen is delicately designed and professionally manufactured into an independent emergency protection device. 
As the emergency protection device of the traction substation, the emergency protection screen has an independent power supply system. In the case of a failure of the integrated automation system of the traction substation, it can reliably cut off the power supply of the high voltage side of the traction substation, so as to prevent it from disasters caused by unprotected conditions due to withdrawal of comprehensive automatic protection. 

Product features

KAD-GYB emergency protection screen adopts industry standard size; it’s compact and firm; it has independent enclosed space, forming a good electromagnetic compatibility environment.

The KAD-GYB emergency protection screen can be flexibly configured according to the integrated automation bus voltage.

KAD-GYB emergency protection screen can set various data and limit values on site.

High safety

An independent, safe and isolated power supply system is used to ensure that the the screen is put into use when integrated self-protection stops. 

Two out of two redundant technical solutions is adopted to improve the reliability of data collection.

The application of time-delay technology for logical comparison and safety review greatly improves the accuracy and safety of the results and avoids mistake.

Signal pressure board is installed; you can manually cut off the signal output during maintenance, and cut off the signal output during misoperation.

Type test meets the following standards: GB 4943, GB/T 2423, GB/T 17626, GB/T 17799, GB/T 24338.

Good flexibility

KAD-GYB emergency protection screen is preset with cabinet holes, which can be combined with other cabinets side by side to enhance seismic strength.

The cable can enter the KAD-GYB emergency protection screen from the bottom or the top.

Intelligent monitoring

KAD-GYB emergency protection screen adopts real-time collection of earthquake, fire, traction substation primary circuit current, integrated bus voltage and other signals, and sends the collected data to the intelligent control and output module. Then the intelligent software of the intelligent control and output module makes comprehensive analysis and judgment on the basis of preset thresholds and parameters to determine the operating conditions of emergency protection.