• Section lightning protection wiring cabinet

    Product Application

    The GFL1-2000 section lightning protection wiring cabinet is used at the inlet entrance of all section cables, with wiring, lightning protection, electrical cable insulation monitoring and lightning monitoring and other functions; it uses the safe type lightning protection device with the failure mode as an open circuit to discharge over-voltage and over-current brought by lightning and strong current. It’s in line with the principle of fault-to-safety. It is a new product and core product to solve lightning protection problem for section equipment. It can provide centralized lightning protection for section track circuits, field, station and section signals. It can fix the outdoor inlet cable and provide grounding function for the shielding layer. 

    Product features

    Section lightning protection wiring cabinet can realize indoor and outdoor cable wiring, lightning protection modules, and ground insulation resistance collection modules; the three functions are integrated into one cabinet.

    Three functional components; three-in-one connected to a base respectively, can provide independent working surface with three functions of wiring, lightning protection, and collection. The lightning protection module and the collection module are all hot-plug designs, which will not affect the circuit. The function interface is clear; installation and maintenance are convenient.

    Independent functional design, functional modular design, safety isolation design, failure-oriented safety design. The lightning protection module and collection module have no impact on the signal equipment during normal operation, and they have little impact on the signal equipment during failure period, which greatly guarantees the overall safety.

    The six-terminal base, lightning protection module, and collection module adopt plastic coatings with high temperature resistance, aging resistance, explosion-proof flame retardant materials.

    Different types of lightning protection modules and collection modules have different discriminator pins to prevent incorrect insertion.

    Adopt 5 layers*6 six-terminal assembly capacity and plane layout structure, multiple protection modes of nearby lightning protection grounding function.

    The safety-type ground real-time fault monitoring unit can monitor the grounding failure of the cable core, which has no impact on the works of inspected system.  

    Newly developed one working collection machine for each cabinet, using multiple serial bus technology. Data is sent and received to the connected collection module; and the communication bus with multiple protocols is preset to communicate with the upper station computer. Meanwhile, it has centralized sound-light alarm indication function, with accurate fault location, which is convenient for operation and maintenance management.