• KAD-HJZ Lightning Protection Data Collection Box

    Product Application

    The KAD-HJZ intelligent lightning monitoring collection box is designed in accordance with relevant railway standards. The collection box can be used together with the power lightning protection box and the intelligent surge protector. It can monitor the lightning strike information (lightning current amplitude, lightning current polarity, lightning time, number of lightning strikes) and SPD status of power supply lightning protection box or the intelligent surge protector in real time and accurately. The processor transmits the monitored data to the upper computer through the communication interface RS485, so that the user can get the information in time, so as to implement maintenance quickly.

    Product features

    It can collect one circuit lightning current data, including lightning strike counting, magnitude detection, detection range 1-100KA, error ±10%. 
    It can collect 4 switch status, and emit alarm when closed. 
    The rated input voltage is 220V AC, the power consumption is small, and the power consumption of the whole cabinet is ≤5W. 
    LCD display is used to facilitate users to check the operating status, current alarms and historical records.
    Its built-in RTC real-time clock can accurately record the time of each event and alarm.
    The protected lightning protection device has more than 100 historical alarm records and more than 500 historical lightning event records.
     Follow RS485 half-duplex MODBUS RTU mode protocol communication; with simple networking, it’s convenient for centralized monitoring.  
     Lightning current detection can detect positive and negative polarities simultaneously. 
     The lightning protection data information in the smart surge protector can be collected through the bus and uploaded to the railway communication  transmission network through the Ethernet interface, or uploaded to the dynamic loop monitoring system through the RS485 interface, which is convenient for remote monitoring and can realize unattended.