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Campus Recruitment

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【Company Profile】

Shenzhen Keanda Electronic Technology Corp., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise. Keanda was founded in 1998, with a registration fund 176.32 million yuan. Keanda has listed on the SME board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, stock code 002972.  
Keanda provides product, service and system solution in the field of rail transit. Currently, Keanda’s products mainly include signal axle counting system of rail transit, integrated lightning protection system of rail stations, lightning protection cable distribution cabinet of signal monitoring, point heating system and related solutions; Keanda also provides project construction and system integration service for the customers in rail transit industry. 

【Company Development】

[Core Technology] Keanda has core technologies in the field of rail transit control signals and lightning protection, with 67 patents and 31 software copyrights. 
[Staff Team] 300+ employees, with a sound product R&D system, production and delivery after-sales system, marketing system and functional system. 
[Product Category] Two major product and engineering services are formed: signal control system (signal axle counting system + inter-station safety information transmission system), rail operation protection system (point heating system + rail lightning protection system + stray current monitoring and protection system + intelligent analysis system) . 
[Business Coverage] Keanda’s business covers the whole country, and offices are set up in major domestic cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Xi'an, Nanjing, and Tianjin.
[Rapid Development] With the development of China's rail transit industry, Keanda's business has developed rapidly year by year. 
[Manufacturing System] The company has a complete manufacturing system.  

【Honor and Qualification】

▋One of the main drafting units of the railway standard "Measurement Method of Railway Integrated Grounding System" 
▋ The product has passed CRCC (Certification from China Railway Test & Certification Centre)
▋ Secondary Qualification of information system integration service 
▋Secondary Qualification of Software Maturity Registration Evaluation (CMMI-3) System Integration Service 
▋ Class A qualification certificate for professional lightning protection design and construction 
▋ National high-tech enterprise
▋ Shenzhen Top 100 Quality Enterprises 



Job Setting


Educational background

Number of people


Development/Testing/Hardware/Embedded/Electronics/Structural Engineers, etc.

Communication/Signal Control/Rail Transportation/Electronics/Electrical/Software Engineering/Computer

Undergraduate and above


Project manager

Technical support/implementation engineer 

Communication/signal control/rail transit/electricity/computer and other related majors



Business manager 

Sales engineer/Sales business staff

Any Major



【Talents cultivation and development】

1. Diversified training: 
Keanda will fully tap the potential of its employees through job rotation, on-the-job training, etc., and help them comprehensively improve their working skills through an all-round training system. For each training, we plan carefully to improve our competence, our quality, and solve practical problems. We invite external professional senior consultants and internal core executives to provide regular customized training for our employees; We adopt advanced management concept to arm your mind, allowing you to be ahead of your peers, and the future! 

2. Tutorial system: 
For the training and development of fresh graduates, the company has designed professional training courses for over one year, and arranged seniors to serve as mentors, invited external professional development teams, and organized unique action learning to provide special training for the company's new staff. At the moment you choose Keanda, you have chosen an outstanding and unique life! 

3. Development channels:
Step-by-step career & development dual channels, equipped with a scientific ability assessment system, can verify your growth regularly. 

【Salary and Welfare】

1. Salary: 
Basic salary & performance bonus: Competitive salary in the industry, generous year-end bonus.
Long-term incentives: staff with outstanding performance can obtain long-term incentives to grow together with Keanda. 
Annual salary adjustment: There is a fixed salary adjustment opportunity every year, which is given according to competence and contribution. 
Six insurances and one housing fund: Guaranteed endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance, maternity insurance, commercial insurance and housing provident fund. 
Registered residence and subsidies: The company assists in the application of Shenzhen registered permanent residence, and can enjoy the talent rental and living allowances provided by the Shenzhen Municipal Government after the registration: 15,000 yuan for undergraduates, 25,000 yuan for postgraduates, and 30,000 yuan for doctoral students. 

2. Wonderful holidays: 
Statutory holidays: Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, May Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day, and New Year's Day are all enjoyed according to national policy. 
Paid annual leave: In addition to statutory holidays, 5-15 days of paid annual leave are available.  

3. Joyful life: 
Office environment: The headquarter of Keanda group is located in Futian CBD Grade A office building, with convenient transportation and comfortable working environment. 
Festival care: Heart-warming welfare and activities for Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival. Gifts for employees' marriage and childbirth. 
Accommodation Arrangement: Provide one-year free accommodation for graduates to live at ease. 

【Contact Us】

Address: 14th Floor, Building C, Shenzhen International Innovation Center, 1006 Shennan Avenue, Futian District, Shenzhen
Website: http://www.ahnestveggie.com
Contact: Mr. Yu 
Phone number: 0755-83056389/13602620586 (Same as WeChat ) 
Send your resume to email: yuyang@keanda.com.cn