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PSS-D5P Lightning Protection Socket Series

Product Application

PSS-D5P series lightning protection sockets are classified according to DIN VDE 0675, Part 6 standards, which are power D-level fine protection, and their performance test meets the class III test standard of IEC61643-1. It can be installed in a standard 19-inch cabinet to supply power to the equipment and provide fine lightning protection. The PSS-D5P series lightning protection socket has a high-efficiency AC filter function, which can suppress high-frequency interference ranging from 100KHZ to 300MHZ. The combination of surge protection and low-pass filtering can greatly reduce equipment processing errors, such as crashes, automatic restarts and data loss etc. 

Product features

Single-phase two-level lightning protection

Fast response time

Automatic overload protection

With efficient AC filtering function

Efficient surge protection

Connection without solder joint

Double break switch for live line & zero line

Large impact flow capacity

PC alloy engineering plastics

Automatic grounding detection

Low residual voltage

Flame retardant and impact resistant