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KFC-275V Power Surge Protector

Product Application

KFC-275V series products are designed according to relevant national standards and belong to parallel AC power surge protector; The performance complies with the national standard GB18802.1 testing standards; They are used in TN-C-S, TN-S, TT and IT systems; They are applied to the lightning current protection of the power supply system to prevent the power supply system against overvoltage interference.  
KFC-275V/20, the maximum flow rate of the product: 20KA;
KFC-275V/40, the maximum flow rate of the product: 40KA;
KFC-275V/60, the maximum flow rate of the product: 60KA; 

Product features

Modular structure, the lightning protection module can be plugged and replaced when powered, and maintenance is convenient.  
Accurate tripping device provides reliable protection; 
Failure window indication, the window changes from green to red when it fails; 
Optional remote signal alarm device (with -S logo); 
Short response time and long service life; 
Low residual voltage;